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Property Taxes

Property Tax Mill Rates

The R.M. of Brock collects property taxes on behalf of two other taxing authorities: the School Board (S.E. Cornerstone) and the Municipality. Each authority establishes its annual budget and, after taking into consideration of other sources of revenue, they then determine the total revenue required through taxation.

Mill Rate and Mill Rate Factors

The 2024 mill rates vary for the South East Cornerstone School Division. They are listed as:

  • Agricultural 1.42

  • Residential 4.54

  • Commercial/Industrial 6.86

  • Commercial/Industrial Resources (oil & gas, pipelines) 9.88

The 2024 mill rate for the Municipal Tax is 9.0 and the mill rate factors are:

  • Agricultural 0.60

  • Residential 0.65

  • Commercial/Industrial 2.40

  • Commercial/Industrial Resources (oil & gas, pipelines) 2.40

Accepted payment methods:

  • Cash

  • Cheque

  • Debit

  • Direct Deposit 

  • E-transfer 

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